BeYond's SMART-COUNT, Cable Counter - 14" & 20"

Introducing the SMART-COUNT, the cutting-edge cable measurement system by BeYond that sets new standards in accuracy and reliability. With its advanced technology, it delivers precise and dependable results. The paid-out cable length is conveniently displayed on user-friendly software, compatible with any Windows PC. Furthermore, the cable length output from the PC is available in multiple formats, ensuring compatibility with various systems and applications. The SMART-COUNT is equipped with a solar panel, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan and eliminating any interruptions due to battery discharges. This feature ensures uninterrupted operation and reduces downtime significantly. To accommodate different cable bend radii, we offer two standard sizes: 14" and 20". For specific requirements, custom wheel diameters and groove widths are available upon request, allowing for seamless integration with cables of varying diameters.

  • 1709687494_BeYond_Smart-Count_Spec. - 2023.pdf

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