Geometrics’ G-882: Cesium Marine Magnetometer

The G-882 Marine Magnetometer by Geometrics stands out as the premier marine system in its industry, boasting a remarkable track record with over 1000 systems sold globally. Uniquely positioned as the sole system meeting the stringent standards for UXO clearance in the North Sea, the G-882 is a high-resolution Cesium vapor marine magnetometer that combines cost-effectiveness with compact size. Ideal for professional surveys in both shallow and deep waters, this system offers unparalleled flexibility.

Utilize the MagLog™ software on your personal computer to seamlessly log, display, and print GPS position and magnetic field data. The G-882 seamlessly interfaces with major side-scan manufacturers, facilitating tandem tow configurations. Its compact and lightweight design enables effortless deployment and operation by a single person. Additionally, the system can be augmented with streamlined weight collars, enabling it to weigh over 100 lb. swiftly for deep-tow applications.

  • Cesium Vapor High Performance: Highest detection range and high probability of detecting all sized ferrous targets.
  • Streamlined Design for Tow Safety: Low probability of fouling in fishing lines or rocks. Rugged fiber-wound fiberglass housing.
  • Sample at up to 20Hz: Unparalleled data density while also covering larger areas per day.
  • Sensor can be Rotated for Optimal Signal: Can be used worldwide.
  • Easy Portability and Handling: No winch required. Built-in easy-carry handle. Operable by a single man; only 44 lb. with 200 ft. cable.
  • Internal CM-221 Mini-Counter: This little counter provides multi-sensor sync and data concatenation, allowing the user to combine multiple systems for increased coverage.
  • Export Version Available: Use anywhere in the world without need for an export license (except embargoed countries). See specifications.

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