Tritech PA200 / PA500 Altimeters

Experience high-performance electronics housed in a proven, compact, and robust design for precise underwater positioning measurements.

With full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies, our systems boast greatly improved input dynamic range, ensuring accurate and reliable data acquisition even in challenging environments.

Our digital precision altimeters offer a configurable design, providing a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. Choose from OEM configurations featuring low magnetic signature rigid Delrin™ (Plastic) housings or opt for models supplied with a right-angled transducer for enhanced versatility and ease of installation.

See attachment.

  • Altimeter direct from a PC running DOS
  • Altimeter direct from a PC running Windows
  • Altimeter direct from a suitable control system
  • Altimeter as part of a multidrop network

  • 1708059152_PA200-PA500-2023-datasheet-rev5.pdf

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