HydroPACT 350

The HydroPACT 350 offers a dependable solution for accurate submarine surveys on tone-carrying cables. Available in both 110V and 240V systems, with depth ratings of 3,000m and options for 6,000m.

Operating in real-time, the 350 provides precise measurements suitable for integration with faster ROVs. Its technology ensures consistent performance, even when operating out of water, without sacrificing accuracy or range.

During cable surveys, the system records target position relative to the ROV and its depth beneath the seabed, unaffected by burial state, metallic objects, or ROV heading.

The HydroPACT family includes a Surface Display Computer (SDC) or Rack Mount Computer (RMC10) option. The SDC, utilizing DeepView for Windows™ software, guides the ROV along the target's course, displaying acquired survey data and transmitting it to external logging equipment. The RMC10, with a smaller footprint, communicates survey data to the ROV's support vessel equipment, eliminating the need for a separate screen module.

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  • Cable location data and depth of burial data
  • Combination of advanced DSP technology and proven tone detection techniques
  • Cable fault location
  • Accurate and reliable survey data with quality control envelope
  • Vehicle skew angle data
  • Look-ahead information
  • Tone frequency discrimination

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