HydroPACT 440

The HydroPACT 440 pipe detection system sets the industry standard, delivering precise and reliable survey data for locating conductive assets on or below the seabed. Its versatility allows installation on various vehicles for surveying tasks.

This system offers a straightforward and dependable approach to conducting accurate submarine surveys on conductive targets like cables or pipes. Regardless of whether the material is exposed or buried, the 440 system effectively detects any conductive target without compromising performance.

Operating in real-time, the 440 system provides precise measurements at a rate conducive to integration with faster ROVs. Its measurement technology ensures consistent performance, even when operating out of water, maintaining accuracy and range.

The HydroPACT 440 is available in 110VAC, 230VAC, or new 24VDC versions, enhancing flexibility for use on vehicles supporting DC power capability. Both AC options come in 3000m or 6000m rated pods, while the 24VDC option is also available.

  • Suitable for operations in high current environments
  • Provides reliable and high integrity data
  • Can survey at great range
  • Less time spent during pre-operation
  • Familiar easily-accessible software platform
  • Intuitive interface requires less training

  • ​Pulse induction technology allows accurate survey information regardless of vehicle heading
  • DSP techniques give quality control information
  • Long range detection of buried subsea targets
  • Simple to install with no time-consuming vehicle calibrations required
  • Windows™ based display and control software
  • Easy to operate

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