Teledyne Ocean Surveyor ADCP

With unparalleled expertise in ADCPs (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) and phased array transducer technology, Teledyne RDI stands as the foremost provider of ADCP instrumentation for open ocean applications.

Utilized by esteemed research institutions, militaries, government agencies, and private companies worldwide, the vessel-mounted Ocean Surveyor family of ADCPs enables the collection of detailed maps depicting water currents and suspended materials throughout the water column, even at depths exceeding 1000m. These depth and resolution capabilities were once deemed unachievable, and TRDI stands as the sole ADCP manufacturer supported by published research and applications at such depths and resolutions.

Beyond delivering high-quality data and performance, OceanSurveyor plays an indispensable role in practical, operational decision-making, providing crucial environmental data for safe and efficient field operations.

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  • Seismic, Cable and Pipe Laying Vessel Operations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Research Vessels
  • Academic Coastal Oceanography
  • Climate Research

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