Teledyne Sentinel V ADCP

The Sentinel V ADCP strikes a perfect balance between capability and flexibility, coupled with robustness and reliability. Whether your research objectives are singular or multifaceted, the Sentinel V ensures efficient data acquisition.

Featuring an embedded wifi interface for seamless deployment and setup, the Sentinel V offers intuitive and comprehensive configuration options. It supports various deployment modes—self-contained or real-time, fixed-mounted or boat-mounted, up-looking or down-looking, covering mean currents or waves and turbulence.

With multiple concurrent sampling strategies, researchers can achieve diverse goals simultaneously. Moreover, the Sentinel V provides raw data, enabling flexible processing and reprocessing to meet study and quality control objectives without limitations.

Backed by a robust hardware design, the Sentinel V ensures data integrity and instrument longevity, with features designed to safeguard against damage and minimize maintenance requirements over its operational lifespan.

The Sentinel V Waves Array enhances data quality further, combining Teledyne RD Instruments' WavesMon processing with the new 5-beam Sentinel V ADCP to deliver superior waves and current profiles unmatched by any other ADCP on the market.

See attachment.

  • Available in three profiling ranges: 20m, 50m, 100m 
  • Bottom or boat-mounted 
  • Real-time and bottom-tracking options 
  • Data rates up to 16 Hz 
  • Supports multiple concurrent sampling strategies 
  • Records raw data for future processing—analyze over different time scales as study objectives and features in the observed data may require. 
  • Off-the-shelf battery option  
  • Wireless data download 
  • Setup via wireless browser interface—no software required 
  • Setup tool to ensures robust sampling strategy despite complex variables 
  • Hardware security features, including: captured o-rings, separate electronics and battery chambers, self-contained transducer design 

  • 1707963271_Sentinel_V_combined.pdf

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