6205s2: Combined Bathymetry & Side Scan Sonar

The EdgeTech 6205s2 represents the 4th generation of fully integrated Wide Swath Bathymetry and Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar System, capable of producing real-time, high-resolution side scan imagery and three-dimensional maps of the seafloor. It addresses the limitations of Multi Beam Echo Sounders (MBES) and Interferometric systems in shallow water by leveraging EdgeTech’s unique Multi-Phase Echo Sounder (MPES) technology. This innovative Hybrid approach combines multiple receive arrays and integrates Beamforming and Phase Differencing techniques to accurately determine each sounding along the seafloor.

With the integration of EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology, the 6205s2 surpasses IHO SP-44, NOAA, and USACE specifications for Feature Detection and Bathymetric Point Data Uncertainty. The MPES technology enables the system to produce wider and cleaner swath (over 200º) compared to current technologies, resulting in superior coverage and enabling faster and safer survey completion. Moreover, the 6205s2 effectively rejects multipath effects, reverberation, and acoustic noise commonly encountered in wide swath high-resolution environments.

Utilizing EdgeTech’s latest broadband Electronics and Modular Arrays, the 6205s2 boasts a lightweight design crucial for wide swath high-resolution applications and survey platforms of opportunity. The standard configuration includes an integrated Sound Velocity sensor and optional integrated OEM Inertial Navigation System, along with interfaces to popular 3rd Party acquisition and processing software packages, as well as standard peripheral position/attitude sensors if required. This comprehensive system offers exceptional performance and versatility for demanding marine surveying missions.

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  • Option for integrated OEM Inertial Navigation System
  • 4th generation MPES (Multi-Phase) technology
  • Co-registered simultaneous dual frequency side scan data
  • Bathymetry data which is IHO SP-44 Special Order compliant
  • Gap-fill side scan sonar and bathymetry data
  • Bathymetry backscatter data
  • Motion Tolerant side scan data
  • Swath sectors of up to 200° means far shorter time for data collection
  • Optimized Bathymetry modes: Equidistant and Equiangular
  • EdgeTech’s Discover Bathymetric control software
  • Integrated sound velocity sensor
  • Unrivaled swath coverage and resolution in shallow water when compared to other MBES or PDBS sonar.

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