Edgetech 4125i: Ultra High Resolution Lightweight, Portable

The EdgeTech 4125i Side Scan Sonar System was meticulously crafted to cater to both the Search & Recovery (SAR) and shallow water survey communities. It harnesses EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology, which delivers higher resolution imagery across ranges up to 50% greater than non-CHIRP systems operating at the same frequency. This advancement ensures more precise results and faster surveys, ultimately reducing costs.

The 4125i offers two dual simultaneous frequency sets tailored to specific applications. The 400/900 kHz set is optimal for shallow water surveys, offering an ideal balance of range and resolution. Meanwhile, the 600/1600 kHz set suits customers requiring ultra-high resolution imagery to detect minute targets, particularly in SAR scenarios.

The system offers two towfish options: one with telemetry for extended tow cable lengths in deeper waters, and one without. Both frequency sets are compatible with either towfish option.

Versatility is enhanced as the 4125i system can be powered by both AC and DC sources. It is conveniently delivered in portable rugged cases for easy transportation between sites. As standard practice, EdgeTech includes a safety recovery system with all towed side scan systems, preventing the loss of a towfish if it becomes snagged during a survey.

A standard 4125i System comprises a choice of towfish and a portable water-resistant topside processor with a laptop computer, featuring EdgeTech’s user-friendly Discover acquisition software. A 50m Kevlar tow cable is included, with customized lengths available upon request. Optional accessories such as a v-fin depressor, keel weight, pole mount, and hull scan bracket add further versatility to the system's functionality.

See attachment.

  • Ultra high resolution imagery for easier identification of targets
  • Lightweight for one person deployment
  • Dual simultaneous frequencies
  • Choice of either a 400/900 kHz or 600/1600 kHz towfish
  • Standard heading, pitch, roll and depth sensors
  • Topside processor and laptop for open boat operations
  • Runs on AC or DC
  • Sets up in minutes and is easy to operate
  • Optional quick change tow bracket for hull inspections
  • System is supplied in rugged portable cases for easy transport

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