Poseidon Robotics : MAUI, Heavy Inspection Class ROV

The Maui ROV is engineered for demanding dives and substantial payloads. Its advanced design integrates a vectored thruster layout, durable Aluminum frame, and high payload capacity for outstanding performance. Powered by an industrial flight computer and Linux interface from Mission Robotics, the Maui comes with a Topside Integrated Console featuring a 22-inch sunlight-readable monitor and hand controller, eliminating the need for extra equipment. With support for fully stabilized mode and 6-axis stability, the Maui offers exceptional payload space, achieved through the use of vertically stacked smaller diameter thrusters.


  1. Depth rating: 400m
  2. Dimensions: 725x465x425mm (LWH)
  3. Weight in air: 31kg
  4. Payload capacity (fresh water): 9.3kg
  5. Payload area: 610mm x 457mm
  6. Thruster: 8 lateral (45deg), 6 vertical
  7. Top speed: 3 knots
  8. Video: 1080 HD camera with tilt
  9. Aux video: 1 HD camera included
  10. Video latency <100ms end to end
  11. Lights: 8x 1,500 Lumen each
  12. Connectivity: 3x Ethernet, 2x Serial
  13. Aux power: 5/12/24VDC regulated


  1. Output voltage: 400VDC, 3kW
  2. Input voltage: 240VAC
  3. Monitor: 22in HD sunlight readable
  4. Case: wheeled, 610x420x260mm, 24kg
  5. Fully isolated output with LIM
  6. Intel i5 PC (linux) + i7 running Windows
  7. Aux HDMI monitor output


  1. Breaking strength: 200kg
  2. Diameter: 9.1mm (neutral-freshwater)
  3. Conductors: 2x19AWG+2TP+Earth

  • 1710034906_Maui Datasheet.pdf

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