Poseidon Robotics: The LANAI PRO

The Lanai Pro ROV enhances the robust design of the Lanai by incorporating a 2kW power supply and an industrial flight computer, telemetry system, and rugged Linux user interface from Mission Robotics. With additional HD camera inputs, the Lanai Pro offers expanded payload space suitable for imaging sonar, scanning sonar, altimeter, CTD, or UT without the need for a tool skid. Standard equipment includes a 250m tether on reel, 1 auxiliary HD camera, Newton grabber, console/pro controller, spares, and cases.


  1. Depth rating: 400m (975m optional)
  2. Dimensions: 559x356x305mm (LWH)
  3. Weight in air: 14.7kg
  4. Payload capacity (fresh water): 2.0kg
  5. Deck fully open to for payloads
  6. Thruster: 4 lateral (35deg), 4 vertical, Vehicle speed 3 knots, 1.5kW power
  7. Video: 1080 HD IP camera with tilt
  8. Lights: 6x 1,500 Lumen each
  9. Telemetry System:
  10. Up to 3 Ethernet (10/100mbps)
  11. 2x AUX RS485/RS232/RS422
  12. 2x AUX HD video inputs
  13. Power: 5/12/24VDC regulated


  1. Output voltage: 400VDC
  2. Input voltage: 240VAC
  3. Monitor: 22in HD sunlight readable
  4. Case: 569x353x216mm, 23kg
  5. Fully isolated output with GFCI/LIM
  6. Intel i5 with Linux User Interface
  7. Aux HDMI monitor output


  1. Breaking strength: 200kg
  2. Diameter: 9.1mm (neutral saltwater)
  3. Conductors: 2x19AWG+2TP+Earth

  • 1710035568_Lanai Pro Datasheet.pdf

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