Poseidon Robotics: The LANAI

Combining decades of ROV operation experience with modern manufacturing techniques, we've crafted a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that delivers both capability and affordability. Our fully integrated console boasts a sunlight-readable monitor, control PC, surface power, and professional hand controller in a compact package. With ample deck space and buoyancy cutouts, our ROV accommodates payloads like imaging sonar, scanning sonar, altimeter, CTD, or UT, all without the need for a tooling skid or extra buoyancy. Standard features include a 125m tether/spool, console/pro controller, and cases. Optional additions encompass a 125m tether/reel, console and controller, Newton grabber, waterproof transport cases, and spare parts/tools.


  1. Depth rating: 400m
  2. Dimensions: 559x356x305mm (LWH)
  3. Weight in air: 14.0kg
  4. Payload capacity (fresh water): 2.0kg
  5. Payloads: Imaging sonar, scanning sonar, USBL, altimeter, CTD, UT, Reach Alpha 5F manipulator
  6. Thruster: 4 lateral (35deg), 4 vertical, Blue Robotics T200 (connectorized)
  7. Video: 1080 HD IP camera with tilt
  8. Lights: 4x 1,500 Lumen each
  9. Power 600W standard
  10. Standard telemetry: AUX 3x Ethernet, 1x RS232/485, power: 5/12/24VDC regulated (120W total)


  1. Output voltage: 350VDC, 750W
  2. Input voltage: 120/240VAC
  3. Monitor: 12in HD (1,200NIT)
  4. Case: 378x307x244mm (LWH), 13kg
  5. Fully isolated output with GFCI
  6. Intel PC, all software configured


  1. Breaking strength: 200kg
  2. Diameter:9.1mm(neutral-freshwater)
  3. Conductors: 2x22AWG+2TP+Earth

  • 1710036483_Lanai Datasheet.pdf

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